Anger management for children including anger management games

How To Manage Anger

how to manage angerHow to Manage Anger – 3 Tips to Cooling Down Quickly

When our children get angry, the tendency is for us as adults get angry right back at them. Clearly this is the wrong approach. So while we want to teach our children how to manage anger through things like anger management games, it’s important that we know how to manage our own anger as well.

Acquiring the reputation of being “that angry person” is not going to help you to win friends and influence people around you. In fact, you’re more likely to be one of the loneliest persons around simply because nobody likes hanging out with someone who has a hair trigger temper. Hey, maybe you don’t even like yourself too much after venting off a ton of steam. If you’re someone who sees red after the slightest provocation, then it’s high time you learned some strategies for how to manage anger before it ends up costing you a happy life.

As a responsible adult, you can no longer keep making excuses that you are justified in acting like a 3-year old having a temper tantrum. Sure, there are things that get on your nerves, but everybody has irritating things happen to them. You don’t see the majority of people growing red in the face and yelling at the top of their lungs when something annoying happens. This is because most people have learned to control their anger in some form or fashion. If you find it hard to suppress the outward expression of your angry feelings, it’s time to do some soul searching. You are a prime candidate for someone who needs tips on how to manage anger, while not letting anger manage you.

Hold Your Breath and Count to 10

Breathing is the most natural thing in the world and controls the life force within you. Without being able to take a breath, you cannot speak or eat. And, do you know what else will be difficult for you to do while holding your breath? Taking out your angry feelings on someone else is going to be nearly impossible. This is one of the best ways to stop your boiling temperature from rising to the point of no return.

Think About The Person On the Other Side of Your Wrath

A person that you may know and love is standing directly in your line of fire. Or, it may be a complete stranger that has no intention of harming you. Whoever it is, they are a human being who has real feelings. Maybe in the past you just lashed out without taking another person’s feelings into consideration. However, while you are holding your breath, take a moment to consider if you really need to say those nasty things to that person. Is it really going to make you seem like a considerate person in their eyes? No. After you spill your guts in anger, they will walk away thinking that you are a very negative person to be around. Do you want to go through life leaving this impression on others?

Give Yourself a Time Out

Small children are the ones who usually get a time out when their behavior gets out of control. As an adult, you probably haven’t had a time out since your own childhood. This is a great time to bring back this old tried and true method. When you feel extremely hot and frustrated during a situation, and that anger begins rising in you, simply beat a hasty retreat out of there to cool off. By removing yourself from the immediate trigger of the anger, you have time to think and process the incident. Talk it out with yourself, or another person you trust, to find an alternative way of responding to the situation that solves the problem.

Now that we have ourselves under control we can go about the business of teaching our children to manage their own anger. Let Jamie Sullivan teach you how to manage anger in our children in her eBook titled Child Anger Revealed by clicking here.